Listed below are comments from Beckman Catholic High School constituents. Alumni, students, parents, and faculty share their comments, experiences and their ‘Perspective’ of the Beckman community.

Alumni & Student Perspective

 "Attending Beckman Catholic School was an experience that taught me how to think and how to learn, which has helped me whether I was doing music, finance, or anything in between.  It is also a welcoming place where I came in as a new kid from out of town as a freshman and left with a lot of what turned out to be lifelong friends. The lessons I learned at Beckman stayed with me as I continued my education and throughout my career at William Blair. Beckman means the world to me."
William Blair Head of M&A Mark Brady Class of 1983 


     "As an alumni of Beckman Catholic High School, I look back on what it was that made Beckman special to me. Beckman Catholic instilled values in me that I will carry throughout life's journey. The degree of education that I received at Beckman Catholic is unlike any other. I cannot say enough about the teachers and staff that always pushed me to go the extra mile. The most meaningful thing to me about Beckman Catholic is that I was not just a number, but rather a student who felt at home. There truly is no place like Beckman Catholic."

Student Body President
Caitlin Kennedy
Class of 2018


     As a senior at Beckman Catholic High School, I often find myself reflecting on the past six years I have spent in this building that I call my second home. The memories that stand out the most to me are the little traditions that make Beckman so unique. From the hourly prayers over the intercom and school spirit at sporting events, to the friendly smiles in the hallway and Thursday morning Mass. It is through these traditions that the character and the morals of the students are shaped. Not only are students encouraged to participate in these traditions but they are also encouraged to set high standards for themselves. It is Beckman’s academic excellence that has a core impact on the way students embrace their future after high school. At Beckman, the opportunities for students to grow in their education are endless. Through Beckman, I have become a better student, athlete, Catholic and overall person--and for that I am truly grateful.
National Honor Society President
Laura Naber
Class of 2014 


     Beckman Catholic provides such an exceptional educational environment that it is challenging to describe exactly how monumental of a privilege it has been to attend this school for the past 6 years. We students are exceedingly fortunate. It is quite simple for us to take for granted the features of Beckman Catholic High School that truly make it a place of personal development; rigorous academics taught by motivational faculty, endless opportunities to work cooperatively with others, and a faith centered atmosphere. My time at Beckman has instilled in me a desire for learning, a deep respect for others, a thirst for a strong relationship with God, and ultimately the ability to think critically. I cannot begin to show my gratitude for my time as Trailblazer. Thanks to Beckman Catholic, I am now prepared to blaze my own lifelong path in the world.

National Honor Society President
Jordan Lester
Class of 2012

     I have been associated with Catholic education for practically my entire life! First, as a student in a Catholic elementary school, high school, and college, and then as a teacher in a Catholic school for the past 31 years! I have personally witnessed many changes in education over the years, but the one constant has always remained the focus and the core-our Catholic faith. Beckman Catholic has played a huge role in not only my faith life, but also my husband, Tom, and our two children, Brian and Rachel. We have all had the privilege of graduating from a top-notch school that not only values strong academics and extracurricular activities, but, most importantly, the attainment of a truly remarkable Catholic background that will sustain us throughout our lives. Beckman Catholic has made an impact on countless lives over the past 40-plus years, and it is imperative that future generations are also allowed the privilege to nurture and develop the greatest gift God has given them, their Catholic faith!
Kay Klaren
Class of 1977

     Beckman Catholic High School has so much to offer to the students in terms of deepening our faith, educational development, and countless activities. There never seems to be a dull moment during the school year due to all the various sports and clubs that are offered to the students. This is all in thanks to the teachers who also work as coaches or club director while they also help students if they have questions about their homework. I cannot give enough thanks to the faculty members who go the extra mile to make the students’ lives better.
Tim Vonderhaar
Class of 2011

     Attending Beckman Catholic for the past six years has been one of the most influential aspects of my life. The positive atmosphere exhibited everyday helps the students to excel academically. The ample opportunities provided for the students give each of us a chance to become active in school activities and show off their full potential. The school spirit and Catholic actions expressed day to day makes this school one to be proud of.
Chelsea McCarraher
Class of 2011

     They say only once you leave something do you realize how truly great it is, and that is true for Beckman High School. I have only been away for eight months, but in those eight months, I have come to realize my good fortune in attending such a spectacular institution as Beckman. It equipped me with the skills for success necessary in the real world, and it also instilled a very solid faith base in me. I am so thankful for the experience Beckman gifted me with, and I wish that experience upon every student who walks through the front doors.
Class of 2013

    With an already outstanding academic and athletic program, Beckman goes a step further by providing a positive, faith-filled atmosphere each day for its students. The staff and faculty do not sit by the way-side; they are active in promoting faith and morals in the student body. The students here, who are exposed to these values in the classroom and in the community, have already traveled far on the road to success. This, I believe has become a staple to Beckman’s success in its endeavors. As a senior, facing the edge of my time at Beckman, I am grateful for the place that has helped shaped me and my peers. We are truly fortunate to have such an involved staff and supporting community behind us as we go out into the world.
Quenton Schneider
Student Council President
Class of 2012

     Beckman Catholic truly is a unique place to be educated. As a student, I can attest to the numerous components that constantly work to make Beckman such a unique and extraordinary experience: quality academics, enthusiastic instruction, spiritual support, an attitude of respect, and countless opportunities. Being a student at Beckman Catholic High School has taught me invaluable life skills as well as the confidence to face whatever challenges the world presents me with. It has provided me with the tools and support needed to be a lifelong learner, a critical thinker, and a leader. By challenging me to always maintain a strong work ethic, think beyond the status quo, and continually strive to be a better person, Beckman Catholic High School has provided me with a strong foundation that I will carry with me throughout my life. For these reasons, I will forever value the years I spent as a Trailblazer, and I will forever be grateful for the privilege to attend Beckman Catholic.
Student Body President
Class of 2011

     My experiences at Beckman High School will never be forgotten. Beckman gave me the opportunity to participate in several clubs, sports, and activities. These opportunities helped strengthen my Catholic faith and built life-long friendships. The small classroom atmosphere and support from my teachers at BHS helped motivate me to work hard on my studies and pushed me to higher learning. The education I received at Beckman led me to continue my faith and earn a degree at Loras College. I am proud of the decision my parents made in choosing a Catholic education for my four siblings and myself. Thank you, Beckman High School. Go Blazers!
Wendy White
Class of 2000

     Renowned philosopher Aristotle once said, “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” Academically, Beckman soars above its competitors; however, students leave with much more than a diploma. Beckman provides the perfect environment for students to truly experience their faith. Students witness the traditions and values of the Catholic Church firsthand. Beckman consistently ranks within the Top 50 Catholic Schools nationwide not only for its strong academics but for its spiritual impact. Upon graduation, students are prepared to carry on lives as virtuous and informed members of society. Often times we take for granted what we have, but it would be a shame to overlook the powerful influence Beckman Catholic High School has had on my life. I know that my time at Beckman has given me the strength to succeed after high school, both academically and spiritually. With the guidance of the students, staff, and supporters of Beckman Catholic High School, I feel that I am ready to go and make a difference in the world.
Student Council President
Brian Decker
Class of 2013

     The atmosphere of the high school that a student attends plays an integral role in shaping who that student becomes. Luckily for me, I attend Beckman Catholic High School, where I not only receive an exceptional education, but also have the chance to practice and grow in my faith. Theology isn't simply taught in the classroom; it is lived out daily by the faculty and staff who teach through actions as well as through words. The openness and honesty that is an important component of Beckman Catholic’s atmosphere allows students to question and discuss freely, leading to critical thinking and ultimately preparing students for challenges they may face in the world beyond Beckman. The extraordinary teachers, faith-centered education, and openness to discussion combine to shape empowered students who blaze new trails into the world.
National Honor Society President
Bernadette Brehm
Class of 2013

     There is no question in my mind that Beckman has provided me with a quality of education that is nearly impossible to find anywhere else. However, what sets Beckman apart is that students depart from here with a deeper understanding of themselves, their Catholic faith, and their purpose in life. I think that there are very few schools that students can walk into and feel loved by everyone around them. This ambiance stems from the staff that is not only educators but mentors and friends to the students. It supplies students with confidence and courage to flourish in all aspects of life. Students are provided with a solid foundation of Catholic doctrine and morals to lean on throughout the trials of life. Beckman Catholic High School has prepared me to share my faith and talents with the world.
Student Council President
Class of 2014

     It is amazing to think that my six years at Beckman are about to come to an end. Beckman truly is focused on providing the best possible educational experience to its students while exposing them to new activities which prepare them for the rest of their lives. Without the help of various teachers, staff members, and students, I would have never become so involved. By getting involved in various activities such as Science Club, Soccer, FFA, and National Honors Society, I have become a new person and am ready to tackle anything life throws at me. In addition to extracurricular activities, the education I have received from Beckman is beyond my expectations. Even though my time at Beckman was short, I will always be grateful for its impact on my life. Beckman has helped lay the foundation for my future and has given me the skills and confidence to blaze a new trail in my life and the world.

National Honor Society President
Class of 2015


Parent Perspective:
     Several years ago we moved to Dyersville, completely unfamiliar with the school system. After an impressive academic beginning at St. Francis Xavier, it was a logical next step to enroll our kids at Beckman Catholic. Each year we grow ever more excited about the standards of excellence, regarding both academia and character. Without a doubt, we know that our children will be well prepared for college, good stewards of faith and compassionate citizens of the world.
Jason and Heidi Wall

     As parents, we consider it a great privilege to be able to send our children to Beckman Catholic. The blessings we have received through the generosity of so many people who work to keep Beckman a high-quality school could never be repaid. The faculty and staff are continually working to build morals, values, and character through many different avenues. The level of education has exceeded our expectations over the years. We are very appreciative of the quality of the Catholic education our children are given. It is a great gift to be a part of the Beckman Catholic school community. We are graced to have a strong Catholic High school like Beckman in our area.
Mike and Sara Brehm

     Catholic schools have always been a part of my life from grade school all the way through high school, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Being a student in a Catholic school, especially Beckman is something very special. There is nothing better than having the freedom to honor God through daily prayer and a weekly Mass; to be taught He is always with and there for us through prayer in good or bad times; to be taught about our religion and be allowed to go to Reconciliation. Beckman is all about being a family. We take pride in our school, we care for one another, and students are also taught to care for others through service hours (community, parish, and school). The leadership, faculty, and staff of Beckman are always available to be of help to the students and to our parents. If I have a concern, I am always met with an openness to discuss the matter and a solution is attained. Both of our children have and presently are involved in sports, and it is so awesome to see the sportsmanship Beckman students display during game time and afterward. Some people say it costs too much to send their children to Beckman, but I would like to say there is always a way if you want it badly enough for your children. There is STO money available, as well as a payment plan that allows you to pay your tuition bill in a manner you can afford. A tuition bill isn’t any different than a regular bill on your schedule – as with a lot of things in life, sometimes you have to sacrifice a few things along the way to make it happen. In closing, I would like to say my husband and I will never be sorry for having sent our children to Beckman because we know they have been taught to be people of faith, responsible for their actions, and they are prepared for life after high school. May God’s blessings always be upon Beckman and its mission.
Kathy (Besler) Decker
Class of 1985

Parent Perspective
 (Random comments offered at parent and committee meetings, social events, etc.)

Why I chose to send my student to Beckman.
  •  I send my child to Beckman for a great Catholic education.
  • We chose Beckman Catholic to have a good Catholic education to learn and love their faith. We liked the idea of a smaller school with smaller classes. We were impressed with the higher academic standards and the fact the kids are encouraged to be involved with faith-based activities.
  • We chose Beckman for a solid Catholic education and values
  • I send my child to Beckman to learn the Catholic moral teaching.
  • I liked the smaller school environment. I wanted my kids to continue to be education on their faith. I love the fact that prayer and Catholic teaching are infused in everything they do. Students at Beckman are very respectful.
  • We sent our children to Beckman Catholic so they could continue learning their faith as they continued their education and entered adulthood knowing their faith will get them through life.
  • We decided to send our child and children coming up because of the Catholic faith that they would be receiving.
  • We started our kids in Catholic schools because of the Catholic education and atmosphere

Faculty Perspective
     Having grown up not too far away in Monticello, I only attended Catholic school through elementary years. When I began to take my faith more seriously in high school, the thought of transferring to Beckman crossed my mind, but that was as far as the idea went for a number of reasons. Having taught theology to senior and junior classes at Beckman the last few years, being immersed in the strong Catholic community of this area, and having studied at both Catholic and public colleges, I have become convinced of the difference a solid Catholic educational system offers not only the students but also the staff, families, and community. The people and parishes of this area built and maintain a legacy to truly Catholic education, and I am proud to be a part of the Beckman mission.
Tony Digmann
Theology Teacher


     I went to public schools for 18 years (kindergarten through college). In college, I began realize how little I knew about the beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church. As a theology teacher and Campus Minister at Beckman Catholic, my mission is to make sure our students know the things I didn’t when I was their age. More importantly, we strive across the faculty to bring a Catholic perspective to all subject areas and activities. Students leave Beckman with an understanding that being Catholic isn’t just something we do on Sundays.
Jerry McGrane
Spiritual Director

     In starting my career at Beckman Catholic, seven years ago, I had no idea how much this area would become a home. The connections I have made with other faculty members, students, and families are wonderful, especially with a root in the church. As a music teacher, I am able to talk with the students about the gift of music we have been given and called to share. Being able to pray with the students, chaperone youth events, and grow in my own faith are experiences that I am thankful for at Beckman. I am grateful to be a part of the Beckman Catholic community
Meredith Warren
Band Director

     I am proud to be a part of the Beckman Catholic tradition. As a current English teacher as well as a 2003 graduate, I know there is something special about our school. This student body is welcoming, creative, and curious. The staff maintains high academic standards while promoting a genuine interest in the subject material. Most of all, the Beckman community approaches learning with Catholic teaching in mind. Spirituality permeates the daily activities, from prayer before classes to our weekly Mass. Each January I travel with students to Washington, D.C. for the pro-life March for Life; what a blessing it is to see them sharing their faith and convictions at a global level. It is my privilege to be a part of the Beckman community and my belief that the time spent here will help students develop a vivid, resilient faith to take with them.
Emmy Brehm
Class of 2003

     As an alumnus of Beckman Catholic, class of 2006, I am thrilled to return as an educator where my passion for music education first became a large part of my life. Beckman instilled more than a passion for music; it also ignited my Catholic faith and encouraged its growth. I find that teaching at Beckman is further deepening my faith by praying with the students, attending weekly school liturgies and thoroughly enjoying the homilies (perhaps I’m a better listener than I was as a high school student), and, to me, the most important way of connecting to God, is by singing songs of praise and thanksgiving with the students. The students and I have wonderful opportunity to pray through song together. How wonderful it is to spread the word of God and incorporate theology lessons in choir with our music. It is a great privilege to return to Beckman Catholic and it is my hope to instill a faith-centered passion for music with the students.
Krystal (Domeyer) Smith
Instructor of Vocal Music
Class of 2006

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