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Beckman Catholic vs Western Dubuque Baseball Fundraiser
Wednesday, May 22nd @ Jenk Field
Up to $2500 cash could be donated to each school. American Trust is giving $5 coupons for the concession stand.
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Activity Period Overview

Beckman Catholic has extended it's school day to make up hours lost with weather cancelations.
CLICK HERE for an overview of the "Activity Period".

Substitute School Bus Drivers Needed

Beckman Catholic is in need of substitute school bus drivers for our daily route as well as for school/sporting events.  For the daily route, a Class D with Endorsement 3 license is needed, while for events a CDL and School Bus endorsement is necessary.  For additional information, please contact Marcel Kielkucki, Principal, at 563-875-7188 or

Thank You DRA
Thank you to the Dubuque Racing Association for a grant in the amount of $5,000 to finance the enhancement of the Beckman Catholic security system.

Iowa Alliance for Choice in Education
Visit the Iowa Alliance for Choice in Education website learn more about this issue so that you can share the information accurately as well as view latest action alerts and contact your legislative officials.



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