Senior Yearbook Picture Specs

Senior Yearbook Specs:

  • Don’t forget that a picture needs to be taken for the yearbook when getting senior pictures taken. Take this information with you and give it to the photographer, so he or she is aware of the specifications for your yearbook photograph. This can save time and money!
  • The yearbook staff prefers digital/electronic submissions, but we will accept a printed photograph - this needs to be wallet-sized
  • Our yearbook is all color so color shots only - NO sienna or other effects
  • Due date is by Friday, December 1st 
  • INDOOR shots only
  • We require the shot to be vertical with no props and only plain backgrounds - this means no leaves, stairs, brick, or faux wood, etc.
  • This should be a formal pose from mid waist up only (no full body shots)
  • Also no hands touching the face – this is due to the picture box size – arms and hands may get cut-off, which makes the photo awkward looking
  • Guys need to wear a dress shirt – no tie is required but it does look nice
  • Students should adhere to all Beckman dress code rules - no piercings other than what is allowed in the handbook - this applies to tattoos too, etc.
  • NO bare shoulders or exposed cleavage (Christian modesty please)
  • Send to:  Attn:  Ms. Dirks/Yearbook Advisor – pictures can be emailed to Ms. Dirks at the address listed below (please send in .jpg and high resolution - the more pixels the better!)

If you have any other questions regarding the specifications, please feel free to email me at [email protected]s with questions, or come see me in room 110.  The yearbook staff reserves the right to not accept pictures that fail to meet these specifications.

At Beckman, we want to include all of the seniors, so if getting pictures taken is a burden, please contact Ms Dirks. We have some fantastic photographers who would be willing to take your senior picture!

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