Science Champion

Mason Burlage - Science Champion, Other Members Place High
Posted on 03/20/2017
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Mason Burlage, Class of 2018, was named one of 3 senior level high school champions at the Eastern Iowa Science and Engineering Fair on March 18th. He will travel to Los Angeles in May with science teacher and research mentor, Cheryl Kluesner, to present his research entitled "Inhibition of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum via Cover Crop, Coniothyrium minitans, and Foliar Application" at the INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair.  

Beckman student presenters at the fair were:
-Mason Burlage - Senior Champion $100 includes trip to International INTEL contest May 13-19 in Los Angeles, California, Intel Science Search Award, Society for In Vitro Biology award

-Megan Ertl- Class of 2018, Senior Honorable Mention,  American Society of Mechanical Engineers Award, Intel Science Search Award, Yale Science Engineering Association Award

-Marcus Schneider- Class of 2019, Iowa Audubon Society Award

-Nicole Schilling- Class of 2019, Cedar Valley Rock and Mineral Society Award $50

-Shelby Westhoff- Class of 2019, Third-year presenter

-Adam Wessels- Class of 2020, American Meteorological Society Award, Stockholm Water Prize

-Maria Schilling- Class of 2021, First-year presenter, junior level