The Beckman Catholic Booster Club

Mission Statement:

The Beckman Catholic High School Booster Club, through financial and volunteer resources, encourages the school's efforts to support extracurricular opportunities for all students and to establish collaboration between Beckman Catholic families, friends, benefactors and alumni.

Board Members:

2015-16 Booster Club Board Members:

Jeff Driscoll - President
Dan Deutmeyer - Vice President
Carrie Fangman - Secretary
Todd Steffen - Treasurer
Tom Arens
Scott & Lisa Lueken
Ted & Tonya Burlage
Jeff & Tricia Maiers
Craig & Michelle Carton
Tim Pins
Dan & Brenda Deutmeyer
Pat & Angie Oberbroeckling
Troy & Shelly Deutmeyer
Bob & Michelle Rausch
Jeff & Amy Driscoll
Scott & Anne Reitzler
Bob & Carrie Fangman
Todd & Becky Steffen
John & Beth Gallagher
Mike & Tammy Then
Mike & Lois Kruse

For information regarding the Booster Club contact:

Jeff Driscoll @ 563-599-4127 or
Dan Deutmeyer @ 563-875-2266 or

Be part of our board, we are looking for new board members!!!!

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Listing of items the Booster Club has recently contributed:

Recondition Football helmets
Iowa High School Baseball Allstar Game Sponsor
Meals for State Athletes
Gym Scoreboard
Fax machine for office
Portable Tables
IT - Wireless infrastructure
Shoulder Pads
Sports Training Table
Campus Ministry
Microphone for Choral
Soccer Goals
Art - Display Units
Speech - Scripts and Transportation
Softball Complex
Football Complex
Funds to Various student groups for working inside concessions

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Softball & Outdoor Athletic Facilities

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The Beckman Booster Club is an integral part of Beckman Catholic High School.With athletics being such a public venue for us it allows us to represent Beckman Catholic in the best possible light. However, the Booster Club is much more than that as it continually looks for ways to help us in the classrooms and with our facility. The support we receive from the Beckman Boosters makes for a better school and takes a financial burden off families as participation fees would be much higher without the financial support of the Booster Club. I really believe that the example set by the Boosters of community service also impacts us dramatically. Seeing people in action leaves a huge impression on young people and inspires them to do likewise. As Principal I feel a deep gratitude towards the Beckman Booster Club for their dedication to Beckman Catholic High School.

Pat Meade
Beckman Catholic HS

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the Beckman Booster Club, and to encourage everyone to support the Booster Club's efforts. Without the support of the Beckman Booster Club, Beckman would not be able to provide the students of Beckman Catholic High School with the fine extracurricular activities that is does.

Through the work of the Booster Club Board, and the many volunteers; funds are generated which help many organizations and activities at Beckman. If you are not a member of the Booster Club, please join, and if you are a member, please consider volunteering at one of the many events sponsored by the Booster Club.

The Beckman Booster Club has been at the forefront of ensuring that the athletic venues of Beckman Catholic High School are among the best in the state. The grandstand at the football field, and the new softball complex are two of the biggest projects the Booster Club has funded in recent years. In addition, Booster club funds have helped complete work on the baseball infield and maintain the gym floor.

On a yearly basis, the Booster Club sets aside $10,000 - $15,000 for the athletic department to use to purchase uniforms and equipment. Just within the last two years these funds have purchased uniforms for volleyball, boys and girls basketball, football, and softball. They have also reconditioned and purchased football helmets for both the high school and junior high programs, reconditioned wrestling mats, and purchased new batting cage nets for both baseball and softball.

Once again, a big THANK YOU to the Booster Club Board and all who have given so much of themselves for the past, current, and future student athletes of Beckman Catholic High School!

Todd Troutman: Athletic Director
Beckman Catholic High School

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